Life..a miracle

Life..a miracle

Monday, June 13, 2011

Artsy-craftsy me..

I dont consider myself a geek even though I am in a profession where most of us are or end up becoming geeks..I am a software engineer..shhh. But don't worry I am not here to discuss all that.
What I do plan to show off are my not soooo.. nerdy qualities! :P

A little more than an year back I started off with a project which I then planned to put up in my room. Almost 13 months later and here I am about to finish it!! yeye! :)
I remember talking to my fiance about this back when we had just got introduced. I actually waited longer to tell him about this, thinking he would judge me for being too nerdy! But he actually ended up saying that this kinda things would make me shine in front of his mom.. :P

Its a counted cross stitching kit. The 'counted' part makes it a bit easier. Its a simple and stress-free job and I have loved spending my evenings on it. I was so excited about getting this that I actually bought 3 different ones and planned to put them up all on a wall.. I know it will look great!! For now I am only done with one and below is the finished product.

A more closeup view:

All I have to do is get it prepped up and frame it. I already have a place reserved for it as well as for the upcoming ones. I now plan to start off with something new.So here I go on..honing my nerdy skills..


  1. That's beautiful!! Can't wait to see your other finished products. I haven't done cross-stitching since high school...this motivates me to get back to it!

  2. Masta.. You should post about the paintings!!

  3. thanks you too!
    @Snehal: Do it! its fun..
    @Tanu: Stay tuned..lots to come!

  4. That looks gorgeous! Awesome work!