Life..a miracle

Life..a miracle

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend fun..

After going through a variety of options - online as well as in-stores I had given up on finding a good set of coasters. As usual an idea popped and I started looking for designing coasters at home and finally ordered a simple set of plain cork coasters with a holder.

I had kept two choices on what the designs should be and finally decided to recreate Warli Art patterns. Warli Art belongs to the Maharashtra state of India and has been dated back to 2500 BC. You can read more here.

I had started making these about 2 weeks back but ran out of the black marker until yesterday when walking around the theater waiting for the movie (went to see Transformers 3D, you have wait in line almost an hour before!) I stumbled upon an Aaron Brothers store and found bliss! :P I never knew they sold art materials. After walking into the store with sheer excitement I made a mental note of all the materials I had on my mind and set out to find them all.

I used Sharpie's oil paint based marker to draw the designs and use a acrylic sealer to make the drawings water-proof. Since I used cork coasters I had to coat them before and after with the acrylic sealer as cork material is highly porous. (Note: Allow enough time (6-8hrs) for the design to dry off before you spray on the sealer again)

Below is the finished project:

Summer has officially started in San Diego and hoping to have some chillin' weekend time!
Have fun everyone!


  1. I'm totally loving the designs!! Great work.

    Btw, Aaron Brothers is a great store and happens to be next to my house! We need to plan a day trip there!

  2. Thank you!
    I walked into Aaron Brothers thinking it was Barnes n Nobles and to my surprise I landed up in my favorite place! The sales person must have thought I was crazy or something..but if you like Aaron Brothers then you will be in wonderland in the Blick Art store! We should definitely plan a day trip to these stores!

  3. Amazing ahe!! Loved the planters and coasters both