Life..a miracle

Life..a miracle

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bake Sale Recap

It has been a really busy month! Its already a week since the bake sale was over and finally its today that I get to post about it. This was my second time at the bake sale and I had a much better idea of what I need to do and what to expect. With the given time constraints I decided to make simpler items this time but took a risk of making two of them.

Continuing with the last years theme of French desserts I decided to make Palmiers this time. The idea struck when I saw a steady stream of people buying them at the local grocery store. When I looked up the recipe, I was astonished to find how simple it is to make them! I used this recipe which I felt gave the simplest illustration for the steps to make them.

Here are my tweaks to the recipe:
  • I only used a total of 1/4 cup of sugar for the whole pastry sheet. 
  • I bought the Pepperfridge farm's pastry sheets. Since they are packed in a 3-fold, I split the sheets on the same folds which in turn made it easier to cut them into pieces. 
  • I used milk instead of egg wash to seal the palmiers. 
I made the palmiers in two flavors - cinnamon-sugar & passion-fruit jam filled. I initially planned on making sweet and savory kind, but the savory ones tasted better when served warm. The only thing I missed through the whole prep was I forgot to click pictures of palmiers in prep. :(

I also made chocolate coated marzipan candies for the sale. I originally made Marzipan candies for Valentines day for my husband and never got around to posting about them. I love marzipan! Making it at home is quite simple and the homemade one tastes really good! I coated them with semi-sweet chocolate and added dried fruits on some to make it an assorted set. 

I used the cooked marzipan recipe available here and tempered the chocolate using these instructions. 

And finally below are some clicks from the bake sale! Loved the cupcakes towers and all the cute cookies! So much fun!


  1. I found you off the bake sale website! Your blog is beautiful and you had such a nice display of palmiers! Will you be doing the sale again this year?

  2. Hi Carolann,
    Thanks for stopping by!! Glad you loved the palmiers and my blog. I have been in hibernation for last several months due to work and some of my other hobbies taking over..I am hoping to be part of the bake sale this year too..hope to see you there!