Life..a miracle

Life..a miracle

Friday, September 9, 2011

Je t'aime, Paris!

I still wish my day starts with wishing someone..
Hmm I guess only in my dreams...
I so didn't wanna be back! The three days I spent in this city passed by like a flash of light..truly a magical city.. Paris!!! I know I won't be the first one to say how awesome the city is but this post is just going to be my way of jotting down my thoughts for everything I felt about this city. Yes, its quiet late..but its never too late to post.. :P

I went off to Paris with a very excited yet open mind and very little knowledge of the French language. But truly the experience couldn't get better! The city welcomed me with open arms.. the weather turned out to be really great.. with some showers here and there..which only added to the beauty of the city!
So enough of me blabbering around about the city..I did manage to visit most of the tourist spots..n used the metro everywhere! It was a lot of fun..n definitely the pics will say it all...

With hardly anytime at hand, I literally had to take a long stroll through Louvre..

Splendid sculptures..some glimpses from Louvre!

But of all the things that I saw, they was one structure whose mind-blowing beauty had me mesmerized! Its the Opera.. 

The interiors are truly made for the grande royals! I just couldnt imagine what it would be back then..I wish I had the opportunity to actually watch a show in the splendid amphitheater.. I am still mesmerized by these pictures..

The only thing I am guilty of is the fact that I didn't photograph all the yummy things I had! But there is always a next time and there will be surely be one for Paris!
I will be posting a bunch of overdue blog posts today and over this weekend...I have gotto give some much needed attention to my blog!
Stay tuned!

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